Choose a Liberal Arts College
That Will Prepare You for Today’s World

Today’s liberal arts colleges offer interdisciplinary programs that blend classic liberal studies
with the contemporary skills you need to succeed.

A Liberal Arts Foundation Can Take You Anywhere

Liberal arts colleges nurture the kind of students who value creativity and innovation. That’s why the contemporary angle on liberal studies is all about building foundational skills, and then giving students the freedom to take their education in any direction. Colleges of liberal arts always put a strong emphasis on free-thinking, analysis, and communication, but also give students the ability to build on those skills with a concentration in contemporary focus areas that could include:

Some even offer pre-med and pre-law options.

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Liberal Arts Colleges Student

Liberal Arts Colleges Offer Options at Every Level

People often think of liberal arts colleges as a pretty advanced kind of degree. The reality, though, is that you can earn a degree in liberal studies at every level. You can even pursue liberal studies with a certificate program if a full degree isn’t in your cards.

What Is a Liberal Arts Degree?  The logic and reasoning skills you get from a liberal arts degree can prime you for technical knowledge in diverse fields, from media and film production to psychology and neuroscience.

Liberal Arts Associate Degree – A two-year program that prepares graduates for entry-level positions in any industry, or lays a solid foundation for a bachelor’s or higher degree. With a low cost and fast completion time, these degrees are an easy way into liberal studies.  View more information on Liberal Arts Associate Degree,

Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree – The basic four-year course of study that is considered the gold standard in the world of arts and sciences. A bachelor’s in liberal arts offers a broad enough curriculum to give you the knowledge and critical thinking skills you need to pursue a career or continue your education.  View more information on Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree

Master of Liberal Arts Degree –  A two-year graduate program takes you to the next level of liberal studies, both putting you up against more advanced ideas and allowing you to develop and debate your own ideas in a wider field of academic excellence. Master’s graduates in liberal arts may choose to specialize or to go even broader in their learning.  View more information on Master of Liberal Arts Degrees.

Doctor of Liberal Studies Degree – Dedicating another five years to your liberal studies will earn you the top tier of liberal arts degrees, a doctorate. These programs turn out some of the finest minds in modern society, putting you through your paces with advanced research, and requiring a dissertation in the same spirit of dialectical reasoning that scholars have relied on for generations.  View more information on Doctor of Liberal Studies Degrees.

Certificate in Liberal Studies – For a faster, less expensive exposure to the liberal arts, certificate programs can put you in new territory of thought and reasoning without putting you in a classroom for years. Certificate programs are usually more focused on a specific aspect of the liberal arts than bigger picture studies.  View more information on  Liberal Studies Certificates.


Build on your liberal arts foundation by choosing a pre-designed concentration in a traditional or contemporary focus area, or customize your focus with your own selection of courses.

Liberal Studies Online

The liberal arts have always been about discovery and innovation. Online programs are able to take the best parts of the liberal arts college experience and double down on it.

More Choice and Freedom

Online liberal arts programs tend to offer more interdepartmental elective options, allowing you to design a program or choose a concentration that fits your goals.

Participate in Open and Spirited Debate

With interactive chat and conferencing software, you’ll engage with diverse groups of fellow students across the country.

Own Your Success

With an online program, you can take charge of your education and study anytime from anywhere in the world.

Liberal Arts Colleges By State