Liberal Arts Disciplines and Domains: Tailoring Your Degree to Fit Your Talents and Your Career Goals

Liberal arts training offers a huge springboard into studies in a vast number of different subjects.

A liberal arts degree can prepare you for careers in fields as ancient as anthropology or history, or as modern as data analytics and user experience design.

Even with ancient origins, the liberal arts still represent one of the most immense fields of study. It’s in the very nature and tradition of a liberal arts education to be inclusive, contemporary and relevant to modern society, so the field has continued to add new areas for students to explore while keeping a lot of the fundamental content you’d expect from a classic liberal studies education.  

With that kind of variety on the menu, you could use a guide for picking your own path through liberal studies.

We’ve got you covered. With in-depth write-ups on dozens of different specialty fields within the liberal arts family, you can check out the kind of options you have available for custom tailoring your liberal studies degree at any level, and the kind of career options that open up when adding a concentration or minor to your degree.

Customizing Your Liberal Arts Education Can Give You Direction in Your Career

The liberal arts are more a style of learning than a specific set of classes. So, although you will follow the same patterns whether you are pulling down a degree in African American Studies or studying public relations, there are going to be some huge differences.

In each of these write-ups, you’ll learn important information about:

  • Primary and secondary majors and minors that be added to a liberal studies undergrad degree and concentrations available at the graduate level
  • Specific liberal arts classes offered as part of the curriculum in most general liberal studies programs

Along the way, we also throw in some real-world perspective on exactly what it is that makes these disciplines unique and worth your attention.

We also talk about the very big and very real differences between earning a bachelor’s degree alone versus going on to earn an advanced degree in fields related to these disciplines. While you can launch a solid career in some disciplines with a bachelor’s or even an associate’s degree, in others you may be looking at a master’s to really get you going. We’ll help you understand not just the coursework, but also the career prospects that will be available to you at every level.

The Major Disciplines You Can Study as Part of a Liberal Arts Program

We’ll help bring clarity to all the important points you need to consider before embarking on a degree in any of these areas, or even when simply selecting electives as part of a self-directed curriculum.

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