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LiberalArtsEDU.org is a resource for students who value freedom, flexibility and a global perspective in education. We are here to help you understand your degree options in the liberal arts and sciences and find the perfect school to nurture your creativity and talent.

The idea that the world needs well-rounded critical-thinkers and problem-solvers has endured since the first schools of liberal arts in ancient Greece. And amazingly, much of the mathematic, scientific, philosophic, and rhetorical concepts discovered and developed in those schools remain unchallenged even today. That’s a strong argument for the idea that a liberal studies education is enduringly relevant and timeless.

You will find liberal arts graduates in every corner of industry, academia, and public service, and they're usually not hard to spot. They are the stand-out, self-motivated leaders with the kind of interdisciplinary perspective it takes to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. LiberalArtsEDU.org is here to make it easy for promising students like you to find the undergraduate or graduate degree program that will help you build that kind of character.

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Who We Are

We are a small, unaffiliated web publishing group, and that gives us the freedom to be an independent voice in education. Our funding comes from the few select schools that advertise here, and we limit our ad space to only the kind of private non-profit liberal arts colleges that we can feel good about recommending.

We are writers, teachers and artists by trade, with some pretty unique life experiences between us. The perspectives we offer are as diverse as the backgrounds we come from, and always informed by our love and connection to the arts and sciences.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

B.A. English

Scott Wilson earned a bachelor of arts in English from the University of Washington in 1999 and promptly put it to good use building a healthy career in information technology as a system administrator, IT manager, and technology consultant. Returning to his liberal arts roots, he currently works as a freelance writer and splits his time between living on a sailboat cruising the Salish Sea and jetting off to warm and exotic destinations overseas.

Catherine Dorian

Catherine Dorian

B.A.English Teaching

Catherine Dorian lived and taught in rural Montana for four years, where she embraced writing as a means of finding connection in an isolated setting. A native of Massachusetts and the Adirondacks, Catherine then returned to the northeast, where she taught briefly at a public school in Vermont before accepting a part-time faculty position at Notre Dame Academy, a private college preparatory school for girls. Catherine has published several academic articles about English education and presented at state and national conferences, and she is a degree candidate in the ALM program in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard University. When she isn't teaching, Catherine helps companies and organization tell their stories and attract their audience. Find her at catherinedorian.com.

Jennifer Cione-Kroeschel

Jennifer Cione-Kroeschel

B.A. English; M.A. Media Studies

Jennifer grew up in the mountains and valleys of inland Southern California (in the often-overlooked empire between LA and Palm Springs). After she carted her stuff and herself to the Bay Area, New York, Dallas, Seattle, and Los Angeles, she returned to her home turf with a couple of college degrees and a complete family in tow, having grabbed a diploma in Berkeley (BA, English), another in New York (MA, Media), picking up a partner in Texas, and giving birth to a daughter in Los Angeles. She’s a writer, a minimalist, and a media producer on a search for meaning. Jennifer’s writing and media projects can be seen at www.jac-k.com.

Laura Wrede

Laura Wrede

B.S. Theology; A.A. Liberal Arts and Communications

Laura Wrede’s smorgasbord of work experiences include professional photographer, writer, artist, and business owner. In the fifth grade, her creative gene kicked in with a brownie camera and an A+ on a class writing assignment. They’ve been a staple, in one way or another, throughout her life through client’s websites, business reports, articles, and books. She’s a Jesus lover, wife, mom, grandma, chicken whisperer, beekeeper, and head cook and dishwasher. Her education includes a BS in Leadership, BS in Theology, AA in Communications and AA in Liberal Arts. Some of her wildest experiences include flying a plane, breaking a world’s record, white water rafting, and riding motorcycles. She loves all she does, but writing is her passion.


Rebecca Turley

B.A. Journalism and Communications

Rebecca is an experienced writer and editor with a BA in Journalism and Communications. After spending the first few years of her career working in technology transfer in higher education, she shifted her focus to freelance writing and editing. For more than twenty years, Rebecca has built her freelancing career on ghost writing several books on technology in education, editing for a national book publishing company, and writing for high-profile websites and blogs in education and healthcare.

Brian Miller

Brian Miller

Doctoral Candidate Educational Leadership

Brian Miller is an elementary principal with 13+ years of education experience in the private, public, and international school settings. He has taught 7-12 English for 10+ years throughout the world, has presented at teacher conferences throughout the world, and maintains a blog (millerbrian.com) which can be accessed throughout the world. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Educational Leadership through the University of Montana.

Mary Mclaughlin

Mary McLaughlin


Mary McLaughlin is a special education teacher and freelance writer living in northeast Arkansas. She holds a master’s in education, along with an SpEd and Ma-TESOL. She has taught second and third grade, served as a teacher mentor, instructional coach, state and federal funding coordinator, ELL coordinator, and assistant principal for grades K-8.

Upon moving to a school where there were 36 different language groups represented, Mary obtained her Master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Thanks to her degree and desire, the school asked her to assume the ELL role in tandem with her classroom job. There, Mary worked with other educators to teach strategies, supports, and interventions to create pathways to success for the multicultural community.

She has lived in Mexico, spent numerous vacations in Brazil to visit family, and loves to visit locales off the beaten path. Mary hails from southeastern Michigan and holds degrees from Eastern Michigan University, Madonna University, and Arkansas State University. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who works hard to instill the joy of world travel into the hearts and minds of her friends and family. Mary also works with an international high school student exchange program and mentors visiting students from abroad. Mary enjoys her free time traveling, reading, writing, and being with her family.

A Dorian scaled

Alex Dorian

Freelance Writer

A freelance writer with over four years of experience, Alex ensures each piece is informative and actionable. After working in digital marketing for five years, he pivoted to a career in plumbing and gasfitting. He is currently pursuing his journeyman’s license in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.